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Reduce Carbon Footprint


Trade Your Carbon

We seek to monetise and reward sustainability and decarbonisation.

Tit for Tat (TFT) provides a Climate Tech platform for prosumers to voluntarily trade carbon offsets and sustainable energy attributes for some extra cash in the bank or local services and products.

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As a Solar Rais (Pty) ltd division, we manage over 25MW of clean energy assets for our buyers and sellers, which means we create more leverage to bring better prices and more opportunities.

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And we are increasing our decarbonization portfolio annually!

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How Does it Work?

Make Your Project

Our portfolio of projects provide an overview of the sustainable initiatives and environmental benefits that our project owners have developed in efforts to provide for a more sustainable and green environment.

Authenticate Project

We work hand in hand with our project owners to ensure that the required due diligence is conducted and that our renewable projects are verified and authenticated according to the required UN SDG standards for carbon trade.

Tit for Tat

You are sitting on a commodity that can earn you a little extra cash in the bank or business. For a 30% nominal fee, we reinvest proceeds with project developers.

What are sRECS?

Trade carbon offsets or get listed on the London Stock Exchange via our affiliate Solar Rais, registered in London for an additional fee.

Solar Rais Energy Certificates (sRECS) are performance-based climate incentives that allow you to earn additional income from solar, wind, hydro electricity and fossil fuel reducing decarbonisation activities.

Each megawatt of energy or ton of carbon mitigated a is given a tradable attribute certificate that attests to how and where it was produced.