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Who are we

Tit for Tat (TFT) is a division of Solar Rais (Pty) ltd that offers energy attribute certificates. We provide a Climate Tech platform for prosumers to voluntarily trade carbon offsets and sustainable energy attributes for some extra cash in the bank or local services and products.

We are seeking to partner on the decarbonisation journey with companies with internal carbon price targets around $42/tCO2e.

Tit for Tat runs a technology driven environmental commodity management and transaction platform. Since its inception in 2022, and partnership with global carbon markets, we have now opened for trading. Our mission has been to help accelerate the adoption of clean energy assets resulting in the reduction of greenhouse gases. The Company ensures that complex environmental commodity markets are transparent, equitable, and accessible to all eligible parties.

How TFT can help you

There are a number of practical actions we take to help your company go carbon neutral. We assist with developing carbon offset strategies. We then help you trade the certificates or you can get listed on the London Stock Exchange via our affiliate Solar Rais, registered, in London for an additional fee.

Solar Rais’ clients cover global market participants including competitive electricity and fuel suppliers, utilities, clean transportation fleet operators, project developers, financing companies, EV charging networks, installation firms, and commercial, industrial, & residential asset owners. These clients get provide Just Transition sources the environmental benefits of their projects and list their Solar Rais Energy Certificates (sRECS) which qualify for entry into international carbon credit markets. At TFT we create, store and manage these credits in our registry on everyone’s behalf.

How do we work

Trade carbon offsets or get listed on the London Stock Exchange via our affiliate Solar Rais, registered in London for an additional fee.

Whether your company is in the public or private sector, setting a path towards carbon neutrality will play a vital role in helping to realise the goals of the Paris Agreement, and reducing nature loss by 2030. At TFT we can help you at every stage of the journey, from listing your project to payout annually.

We assess the project documentation and verify the project, then create your digital database of certificates, then list your project on voluntary and involuntary markets depending on the CDM methodology, costs involved in the chosen strategy and the project development phase since different carbon trading markets require projects to be at different stages.

What is the process

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, we can help you. The process is simple and we manage everything for you.

Simply log in to the Tit for Tat platform, set up your energy trade and allow us to do the rest for you.

Make Your Project

Our portfolio of projects provide an overview of the sustainable initiatives and environmental benefits that our project owners have developed in efforts to provide for a more sustainable and green environment.

Authenticate Project

We work hand in hand with our project owners to ensure that the required due diligence is conducted and that our renewable projects are verified and authenticated according to the required UN SDG standards for carbon trade.

Tit For Tat

You are sitting on a commodity that can earn you a little extra cash in the bank or business. For a 30% nominal fee, we reinvest proceeds with project developers.